As You Like It Disc Jockey Entertainment & Event Planning


Why Us?

There are literally hundreds of other DJ services in the Greater Toronto Area. Here's why we believe you should chose us.

  1. We offer very competitive prices and our packages offer free special effects.
  2. We have back up equipment, DJ Entertainers available.
  3. Our DJ Entertainers are well groomed professionals that do not drink at any event, and you chose the level of personality and interaction.
  4. Our online planners will assist you in every step of the way, 24 hours a day.
  5. You will be contacted by your DJ Entertainer prior to your event, and if requested, meet your DJ prior to your event
  6. Our music library is up to date with over 30,000 songs available and features R-Edited versions
  7. Additional special effects are reasonably priced.
  8. You can chose all the songs, artists and genres you want played at your event, and we will NOT play anything that you dislike
  9. You can contact us anytime via email and phone
  10. We want your event to be successful and much as you do.

Here's what we WON'T do.

  1. Sell your wedding to another DJ if a more profitable event comes along.
  2. Embarrass your guests with suggestive, off-color humour.
  3. Invite prospective clients to your reception to market our services.
  4. Display a six foot gaudy banner to advertise our services.
  5. Place our business cards and flyers on your guests' tables.
  6. Bring "assistants" who will eat your food and dance with your guests.
  7. Charge extra for a wireless microphone or dance floor lights.
  8. Chatter continuously like an annoying game show host.
  9. Wear a shiny silver vest with black jeans and call it a tuxedo.
  10. Disregard the music you've requested.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions:

We offer very competitive prices and packages. Unlike some DJ companies in the Toronto GTA, we offer free special effects like dry ice, lights, fog and a wireless microphone. Other companies wait for you to contact them for a quote and they use that information to figure out a price that is best for them. Furthermore, other DJ services will charge differently for the peak wedding season (May to September). Not us. Our prices are listed here, and you will find that we are still less expensive than other companies no matter the month you are getting married. There's no hidden costs, no surprises, no catch. We simply want to be your Disc Jockey Entertainment at your event.

We understand that your time is valuable and precious. This is why we have specialized online event & music planners so you may plan your event anytime you wish. The online planners assist you in every step of the way, offering suggestions and recommendations as you plan. With your input, we will create a reception timeline of events which will be shared with your other vendors. We will ask for your "must play" and "do not play" genres, songs and dances and then create a customized playlist which may be adjusted as the event unfolds to maximize your guests' involvement. Of course, you may contact us at anytime during the planning if you have any questions.

You chose the level of interaction: We can be as involved "As You Like It." We can perform MC duties, including introducing your bridal party and speeches. We can be outgoing and fun or quiet and laidback. Tell us your experiences going to other events. Tell us what you liked about other disc jockeys and what you did not like. We can adhere to whatever your needs and requirements are.

Finally, you will be contacted by your DJ Entertainer prior to your event to finalize all the details for your event. This could be as simple as a phone call, or you can meet in person.

Stag N Does:

Let's face it, at your Stag N' Doe, the purpose is to generate revenue to assist you in the costs of your wedding reception. Your DJ Entertainer is ready to assist you by performing MC duties by generating interest and sustaining excitement in your Stag N Doe. In addition, once all the games and activities are done, your DJ Entertainer is ready to kick start the party. Our online planner was specifically designed for your Stag N Doe, and we offer free special effects like lights, a wireless microphone and fog to make sure your Stag N Doe is profitable and fun.

Corporate Parties: (Staff, Xmas & Holiday parties)

Planning a corporate party can be very stressful. You, as that planner, have to impress your upper management and boss, and all the employees that are attending. A DJ Entertainer that performs badly will reflect badly on you. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate music that will appeal to all of your guests and select a DJ Entertainer that will make you look great!

School Parties:

We can work with your school administration and student council to make sure the lastest music is played while not playing songs that feature content that are suggestive or with profanity. As You Like It's music library has R-edited songs that appeal to all age groups. We strongly encourage the students to submit a playlist prior to the event.