In order to get married, one of the first things a couple will need is an Officiant, one that is licensed to solemnize marriage in Ontario.

The above link will take you directly to the Ontario website. From there, follow the instructions on how to download or view the list of registered religious officiants. When booking your officiant, ask for their name. You can check the list for their name and religious body that they belong to. If you’re still in doubt, you can ask to see their license.

If you wish for a friend of the family or family member to marry you, if they are not licensed, they cannot sign the marriage license, marriage register book or the record of solemnization. Simply put, your marriage would not be legal and that person would face charges of fraud. Click this link to see that this actually happened.

If you wish to have family or a friend marry you, there’s are ways to incorporate that person in your ceremony and make it memorable. Contact us for ideas.