Fog and Haze are used to enhance the effects of lighting.

Fog will fill a room fast, while haze will have the same effect but far less obtrusive.
Think of fog as the fog you see outside, while haze resembles cigarette smoke.
For both effects, if you are thinking of using this for your event, your venue must be contacted well in advance to make sure that it’s ok to use either fog or haze. As You Like It would contact the venue in advance and get permission in writing before we bring a fog or haze machine.

Dry Ice is one of the most popular enhancements for a first dance. Usually, permission is granted or not even needed for this effect. Dry Ice will cover a portion of the dance floor, while the couple is dancing, to create an effect of a cloud.

It’s also more expensive than renting a haze or fog machine.

With most fog and haze machines, it’s as simple as plugging the machine in, waiting for it to heat up, (maybe 40 seconds?) and pressing a button, or using a remote.

Dry Ice Machines are a lot bigger, and require manual operation.

Dry ice requires special care to make sure that it does not suffer from sublimation. It must be stored in a cooler.

An example of the schedule of preparation for a dry ice effect for your first dance:

1. A phone call/email to your venue, asking if dry ice can be used.
2. Test Dry Ice machine week before the event.
2. Contact a company that produces/sells dry ice to ensure ample supply the day of.
3. Pick up the morning of your event. (To make sure that the order is there, and most places close by noon)
4. Test the Dry Ice machine the week of your event.
5. Arrive at venue, unload dry ice machine first.
6. Fill machine with water, and plug in.
7. Make sure water is heating up.
9. Just before first dance, fill dry ice machine with with dry ice, using gloves or a plastic scoop.
10. Make sure that the doors are closed and the HVAC is off.
11. Apply the dry ice to the floor, making sure proper coverage.
12. Dispose of water, and dispose of extra Dry Ice properly and safely.

Dry Ice machines can cost anywhere from $800-$1500, and to purchase enough dry ice for a first dance can cost anywhere from $50-$100.
We offer the Dry Ice effect to all couples for a reasonable price. As you can see above, there is a lot of work that is involved in creating this effect.

However, dancing on a cloud for your first dance is a priceless memory. Contact us for more information.