Lawn games can be a very beneficial add-on to your wedding event. Typically, they are most popular and utilized where your ceremony is outside, and your ceremony/reception is located at the same venue. Golf courses, barn weddings, private residences, etc – this is where lawn games are typically used.

Usually, a ceremony is scheduled between 3-4 PM, and after, the couple takes pictures, taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings and (hopefully) awesome weather. There can be a gap of 2-3 hours after your ceremony till the start of dinner.

This is where lawn games can keep your guests busy and entertained. Also, they can help with keeping your guests in a general area. One wedding we did, the couple and photographer suddenly decided to do family pictures. We left the ceremony sound system up, and let the photographer use our wireless mic system to call upon members of the family needed for pictures. While the pictures were being snapped, games were being played.

We always bring 5 or more. The most popular ones are Jenga and Connect 4.

Jenga was our first game that we obtained. At a wedding several years ago, it was a lawn game that was brought by the father of the bride. He then offered it to us, free of charge.

From there, we purchased Connect 4, which proved to be another huge hit.

We now have about 8-9 different lawn games in our inventory. Have a look at our equipment page on our website for pictures. If considering lawn games for your wedding or corporate event, let us know. They are available to rent anytime.

Can also be used for your wedding rehearsal dinner, too.