So, you just got married. Let’s say it was a Saturday. When should your wedding officiant mail your completed license to The Office Of The Registrar General in Thunder Bay?

The correct answer is below, within 2 days following the day of your marriage. So, if you got married on a Saturday, it should be mailed on a Monday.

After speaking with other officiants, some mail licenses every week, bi-weekly, or even every month, and most just use a postage stamp. Some officiants are busy, sure. It makes economic sense to an officiant to mail licenses in one envelope. But what happens if the envelope gets lost in the mail? Not only your license gets lost, but the other licenses, too. Then, that officiant has to field inquiries about the lost licenses. The process of registering your marriage again is long and not worth it.

We have never heard of any officiant getting in trouble if they don’t mail your marriage license on time, and we don’t want to find out. We wish to assure you that not only will your license be mailed on time, we also use registered mail. Your marriage license is worth more than a stamp. It’s not a postcard. That completed license took a lot of work to complete, it’s worth more than a dollar and change postage.

Be rest assured that every single completed license for every couple we solemnize marriage for is sent registered mail and proof is sent to you via text or email.

(3)  Every person who solemnizes a marriage or who performs the duties imposed by the Act in accordance with subsection 20 (4) of the Act shall forward Form 7 duly completed in accordance with subsections (1) and (2) to the Registrar General within two days following the day of the marriage.  R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 738, s. 2 (3).