We have added a new game that can be used for your lawn games package or for a great kissing game. Although it’s not a new idea, this putting green is simple yet challenging. We have purchased putting greens before, but the quality was questionable.

As you can see from the pictures, this one comes in a road case and takes approximately 5-7 minutes to set up. No more greens that unfurl or using unsightly duct tape on the dance floor.

There’s multi-coloured golf balls and the different colours could represent what kiss you will do. For example:
White: seated, simple kiss
Orange: stand up and kiss
Blue: Stand up, dip and kiss
Yellow: Putter’s choice

(Please excuse the picture. We purchased this just before the pandemic and was unable to snap photos at a venue.)

We always add 2-3 lawn games a year to our inventory. If there’s a game you wish to have at your wedding reception, please let us know. You can see our popular lawn games in the “Equipment, Special Effects & Rentals” section of our website.